What Did San Francisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom See in Bangalore?

By • Dec 8th, 2009
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Over the long Thanksgiving weekend San Francisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom made his first maiden trip to Bangalore, India. Interestingly, for over 100 years San Francisco has been an entry point for Indians, many of whom came from the region of Punjab and were often referred to as Hindus in the early 20th century. Reportedly, the first Gujarati to own a motel in the US was in the city by the bay.

Accompanied by his entourage the Mayor’s short trip was to seal the sister city relationship between San Francisco and Bangalore, and also announce San Francisco’s partnership with Cisco for sustainable urban development.

Three years ago, Cisco opened its first Globalization center outside the US in Bangalore, India that is currently headed by Wim Elfrink. Smart connected cities is Wim’s favorite phrase. For over a year now Wim has been  tirelessly promoting Cisco’s smart-city initiative and how Cisco’s technology can be deployed in monitoring and efficiently using resources.

In a virtual press conference from Bangalore using Cisco’s telepresence,  the Mayor and Wim fielded questions from journalists from around the world.

I had sent out a Twitter wondering if people had any questions for either Wim or the Mayor and I got a mixed bag of questions through tweets, DM and emails. This question sent by @PaulWiggins in Australia was the one that I asked the Mayor: What did the Mayor of San Francisco see in Bangalore, India? “I have seen the future here,” was the Mayor’s short and pithy answer. And the video captures the rest of his response including if people from Bangalore are on Twitter.  The Mayor never misses an opportunity to talk about Twitter, the small startup that has changed the way we communicate online. And of course, the Mayor has a twitter handle.

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