Video: Prof. Trichy Sankaran on Teaching Carnatic Music & Solkattu

By • Dec 2nd, 2011
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Prof. Trichy Sankaran is a renowned musician, teacher and composer. He is an award-winning percussion maestro, who learnt to play the mrdangam as a young boy growing up in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.

Since 1971 Prof. Sankaran has been teaching Carnatic music at Canada’s York University. He has designed innovative ways to teach the intricacies of Carnatic music to his students in North America and has also written 2 books on the subject. He has worked and collaborated with artists spanning various genres including jazz, Hindustani, Carnatic and African.

In this video interview Prof. Sankaran describes the art of “solkattu” and the key role it plays in Carnatic music. He also shares about how he teaches music to his students in North America.

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