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By • Apr 3rd, 2012
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Bangalore special.  This month’s  focus is on life, people and ideas from Bangalore, one of the fastest growing cities in India. Often referred as Silicon Valley of India, this once laid-back town known as “pensioners paradise” is fast morphing into vibrant, ever-expanding megapolis in India.

Megapolis you ask? Consider this. Whitefield was once considered a far-away place, way out of Bangalore. Today, Whitefield is a hi-tech hub and known for its educational institutions and is part of Bangalore. Hebbal, Sarjapura, Bannerghata, Yeshwantpura, Jalahalli and Devanahalli are areas located on the  periphery of Bangalore – far from MG Road and the laid-back Cantonment area. But, these areas are either part of Bangalore, or will become part of Bangalore shortly. Before you know it Tumkur, Mysore and other areas might become extensions of Bangalore and that could mean only one thing – Greater Bangalore Region, right?

There once used to be two cities in Bangalore: the cantonment area and the city area. That was in the 19th and 20thc. Today, there are two cities in  Bangalores – the old Bangalore (cantonment and city)  and the new Bangalore emerging on the periphery of this pensioner’s paradise. “I don’t know this new Bangalore,” is a common refrain you hear from those who were born in 20thc and live in Bangalore. For many of them their familiar landmarks, stores and buildings are rapidly disappearing leaving them feeling a little lost and in some cases rattled.

It seems fair to say that at the moment Bangalore is at a cross-roads of sorts. For the new arrivals this is “the” place, and for those who were born and brought  up in the city there is lot of nostalgia and fond memories of South Parade Road, Koshys, LakeView Ice-Cream, Thom’s Cafe, Alberts Bakery, Subaamma’s, Brahmin’s Cafe and  Central Tiffin Room.

In the next few weeks I’ll share multimedia stories (audio and video) about  life, people and ideas in Bangalore. We will start off the Bangalore special with a 91-year old lady, who shares her vivid recollections of the cantonment area from the 1930s. Stay tuned for that.

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I’d love, love to hear from you if you have any stories, ideas, suggestions, memories, or photos about Bangalore please do share them by either leaving a comment or emailing me. Or, reaching me on Twitter.

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