Bangalore Special: Most Photographed Person in Bangalore?

By • Apr 10th, 2012
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Most photographed man in Bangalore. Selvaraj of Thoms Bakery.Could this be the most photographed person in Bangalore? Well, while there is no way to establish that fact, it may be safe to state that he is probably photographed quite a bit. But, wait a second. Now that I think of it, another most photographed person (well, persons actually) could be the 2 doormen at Leela Palace Hotel in Bangalore. Perhaps, you have seen them?

I digressed. Meet Selvaraj, who is the guy you have to walk past when you visit Thoms Bakery and Supermarket, a well-known grocery and bakery store in Bangalore’s cantonment area. The store stocks regular grocery items, but the big pull is their bakery section & their savory selection of banana chips, chips, mixture and murukkus.

After you have piled your bag high with your favorite eatables and baked items,  you make your way to the long line at the check-out counter. Paying the bill is a 3-step process. In counter number 1, your grocery is bagged and billed, then you mosey over to counter number 2 to pay the bill, and the final step is to  show the “full and final payment” bill to Selvaraj.  He puts a tick  (yes, tick is the word, and not check) on the receipt and you are free to walk past him.

Over the years I have been to Thoms many, many times and have silently slid past  Selvaraj without murmuring a single word. On a recent trip, I somehow managed to muster enough courage & boldly asked if I could take a picture of him? Viola! What do you know? His face broke into a big, beaming smile and he readily agreed to pose, and also offered tips on where the best lighting is to capture the best shot of him. Now, that is what you call a pro.

Without prompting he came up with that pose, and then shared how people from all over the country and the world have taken his picture.  Some send him copies of his photos. He then promptly pulled out a xerox copy of his photo from his notebook.

Selvaraj has 15 years of service under his belt working at Thoms. The next time you see Selvaraj, let him know  you saw his picture  on the Internet. And then watch that big beaming smile break out on his face. It’s worth it.

Thanks Selvaraj for the photograph.

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