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By • Apr 22nd, 2012
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Bangalore special so far in case you missed listening or watching the interviews in our life, people and ideas channel. Our goal is to highlight Bangalore, a city in rapid transition, while remains of an older and gentler times still exist in pockets of the city. Every Thursday, you can expect to see a new audio interview on the website. Along with the new interviews, we include interviews from the archives.

We started off the Bangalore special with 91-year old Leela Chander taking us back to 1930s and through her we discover places that still exist, while some others have disappeared.  Through the audio and video interviews featured in our life channel, Mrs. Chander takes us back to a Bangalore that was known for its slow and gentle lifestyle. While listening to her you realize how much Bangalore has changed, and has yet managed to retain some of those old established places like MTR or Albert bakery. To go with the 1930s theme and some of the places she mentioned, there are related videos on Albert bakery and hot cross buns from the bakery to mark Easter celebrations in the city.

To round off the first week, we featured interviews from the archive in our people and ideas channel. The interview on Spy Princess,” throws a spotlight on Noor Inayat Khan, a  descendent of Tipu Sultan, who fought in World War 2 and lost her life. While Tipu Sultan is generally associated with Mysore, he had a summer palace in Bangalore located not too far from Basvangudi and Charmrajpet, an old part of Bangalore.

We rounded off-our first week of Bangalore special with 2 interviews in our ideas channel - an Interview with Azim Premji of Wipro and author Steve Hamm on his book on Wipro. Information Technology (IT) has shaped the destiny of the new and vibrant Bangalore. Two of the largest Indian IT companies Wipro and Infosys are headquartered in the city.

In our second week we went from the old Bangalore into food in the new and modern Bangalore, where the old obsession with food continues to persist in this town. Bangalore is a foodie’s haven and we had to do justice to Bangalore’s “foodie paradise” image. We had to do justice to Bangalore’s “foodie paradise” image and featured Chandan Lokesh, creator of Bangalore’s “gold” or “golden” dosa in our people channel. In this audio and video interview Chandan shares how he came up with this idea to create a “gold” dosa.  In late 2011 Chandan opened his restaurant Rajbhog in Malleshwaram, an old part of Bangalore and a haunt for foodies, who hanker for some good old traditional Bangalore tiffin items like idli, dosa, vaadas accompanied with a good cup of filter coffee. Chandan’s multi-cuisine restaurant is an interesting addition to this neighborhood. Redesigning taste is the tagline of his restaurant, and he is certainly doing that in this old neighborhood.

From our archives we featured a 2-part interview with Nandan Nilekani, co-founder of Infosys and now head of India’s Unique Identity Project in the ideas channel.  In the interview he talks about his book, entrepreneurship and innovation and the relationship between state and federal government in India.

In our third week we focussed on  technology and how it has changed Bangalore. Mohandas Pai ties it all up together when he talks about old and new Bangalore and how IT has changed Bangalore’s destiny. Mohan was born and brought up in Bangalore, and has witnessed the changes in the city. He is currently chairperson of the board of Manipal Global Education Services and is the former CFO and board member of Infosys.  In Part-1 of our audio interview featured in the ideas channel,  Mohan talks about how he started at Infosys and what it was like to work in a startup environment and juggle it with a family life.

Over the next couple of Thursdays, we will feature Part-2 and Part-3 of the interview with Mohan, which means that our Bangalore special is going to spill over into May. So, stay tuned.

We would love to hear from you if you have any stories, anecdotes or places about Bangalore.


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  1. wow the idea of the show is very simple but very good. Bangalore is the city where i met my girlfriend and we have spent months there. I enjoy the night life especially. looking forward to many more exciting videos and articles….keep up the good work

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