Film Notes: Blue Jasmine, Fill The Void and The Patience Stone

By • Aug 16th, 2013
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August has some good films in store for San Francisco bay area residents. Blue Jasmine, Fill The Void and The Patience Stone open in local theaters.

All 3 film have women as their central character and you get a very interesting perspective from each one of them.  Blue Jasmine traces the sudden & sad disintegration of a rich Manhattan socialite played by Cate Blanchett. In Fill The Void a young 18 year Orthodox Jewish girl has to make a decision about whom  she has to marry. And in The Patience Stone you watch the tough struggle of a young Afghani woman and the lengths she goes to survive.

In this video interview we bring you interviews with 2 very interesting filmmakers. The first is Israeli filmmaker Rama Burshtein, who talks about the making of her debut film Fill The Void. This is a film set in the ultra orthodox Hassidic community in Israel and takes you into their community and gives you a peek on love, marriage and the role of women. Joining Burshtein in the interview is Hadas Yaron, the young actress around whom the film is centered. Yaron won the best actress award at the Venice Film Festival in 2012. Fill The Void was nominated as an Oscar entry from Israel in 2013.

The second interview is with French-Afghan filmmaker Atiq Raza, who talks about the making of his film The Patience Stone. The film is based on his award-winning novel that he wrote in French and not Pashtu. The Patience Stone is a powerful film about an Afghani woman and how she deals with an impossibly difficult situation in war-torn Afghanistan. Bombarded by bombs and threatened by local soldiers, this young Afghani woman struggles to take care of her dying husband and her 2 young children. Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani does a brilliant job of an emotionally conflicted young wife, who pour out all her sorrow and angst to her husband, who is in a deep coma. Through her we find out the journey of her life and the choices she made to survive in a harsh environment.

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