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Vasco da Gama landed in India on May 20, 1498. Any sixth grade kid in India can recite this historical fact that Portuguese sailor and explorer Vasco da Gama (video) arrived in India over 500 years ago. Vasco de Gama’s arrival in India set in motion the arrival of Europeans and the slow colonization of the country. [...]

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What a difference a few months make. It was not so long ago that many eyebrows shot up at the apparent low-priority that the newly-elected President Obama placed on India.  While Obama made AF-PAK a top foreign policy priority for his administration and reached out to the leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan, he did not reach [...]

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You have heard of carbon footprint. Have you by any chance heard of water footprint? “The water footprint of a nation shows the total volume of water that is used to produce the goods and services consumed by the inhabitants of the nation,” according to waterfootprint.org. For instance, it takes 140 liters to produce 1 [...]

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Mint & Mustard opened last year in Cardiff, Wales and is headed by Anand Joseph George, a truly gifted chef. The restaurant has got some great review and recently  won the annual South Asian Chef competition in Wales and will represent at the national level. My husband and I first met George in Jamavar, the [...]

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In this Sunday’s column of TechLife in Financial Express I spoke about the power of word of mouth marketing. An old marketing concept, how has word of mouth marketing morphed in this tech savvy world filled with gadgets, gizmos, blogs, video blogs, online reviews etc? Here is the link to the article in Financial Express. [...]

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Bangalore is the focus of this post. Bangalore is capital of the southern state of Karnataka and  is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India.  Once known as the “garden city” of India, the city has morphed into a sprawling metropolis with poor infrastructure and a government that seems to change every few months. A few [...]

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Do you still reach out to your cookbooks or go online to look up a recipe? Ever wondered what is cooking online? What are food bloggers and video bloggers talking about? Food is the topic of conversation in this Sunday’s Financial Express column: Click To Be A Curry King. This article was originally published in [...]

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Here is this week’s Financial Express column in TechLife. Have you ever wondered where and how some nifty applications and widgets originate and how they reach us? How does it happen? Is there a structured way of innovating and creasing these applications? Or, is this done in a fun-filled environment with no constraints except to [...]

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  In Part 2 of my interview with Sabena Puri, she talks about how she got Junnoon started and the help she got from Camellia Punjabi of Masala World Group that owns and operates some of the best Indian restaurants in the UK like Veeraswamy and Amaya. Sabena also talks about her future business plans [...]

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Sabena Puri is the founder and owner of Junnoon, a Palo Alto-based restaurant and is located in the same building as Facebook. In Part 1 Sabena talks about how she extended her IT product management skills into running the restaurant, including giving equity to the team at Junnoon. Prior to founding [tag]Junnoon Sabena]Tag\ worked in [...]