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Disconnect by Chennai-based Anupama Chandraskhar made its West Coast debut in San Jose in March 2013. The play runs through April 14th, 2013 and this is perhaps the first time that a play by an Indian playwright is being staged at the San Jose Rep. Disconnect had its American premier in Chicago. Set in a [...]

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We are doing a  ”Women Achievers Special” for the month of March and continue with it for the rest of the year. We will be highlighting women from different walks of life from the ordinary to the extraordinary and listen to their stories of how they did what they did and how they continue to [...]

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Thanks for checking in.  Am slowly making my way back to this always-connected-digital-lifestyle, where we scarf bits and pieces of digital information on a constant basis. The result? An over-load of information and I simply had to take a break. It was fantastic not to be tethered to any digital device and the Internet for [...]

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What is Pongal? This is a question that  I often get asked in the US. Think of it like an Indian version of Thanksgiving I respond. Come January, and people in different parts of India gear up for a “thanksgiving” celebration that also marks the end of winter. This harvest festival has different names in [...]

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Under Mr. Alan Mullaly’s leadership Ford Motor Company has turned around and steadily expanded its footprints around the world. The Asia-Pacific region, especially India and China are a key growth area for the Detroit automobile company. When it comes to India there are two kinds of vehicles that dominate the automobile segment: small cars and [...]

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AR Rahman won 2 Oscars in 2009 for his music composition and song in Slumdog Millionaire. If you like, you can listen to a podcast of this interview . This is Kamla Bhatt. We bring you the second part of our conversation with Oscar-nominated music composer AR Rahman. AR has been nominated for three Oscars [...]

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This is a 2-part interview with Oscar winner AR Rahman. An intensely private person, AR was pretty candid in this 2-part interview where he talks about his journey as a musician. AR entered the Indian film industry as a young boy, and through sheer hard work and determination rose to become one of the top [...]