In Conversation with Ameen Sayani Part-I

By • Feb 19th, 2007
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Legendary broadcaster Mr. Ameen Sayani’s trademark voice is known to millions of people around the world. Many of us in India grew up listening to his Geet Mala and Bournvita Quiz Contest. Bournvita Quiz Contest began in 1972 and the show is still on although in a different avatar and platform, ie on TV.

A few weeks ago I spent a few delightful hours with Mr. Sayani in his studio in Colaba, Mumbai. Yes, he still continues to work and when I met him he was busy working on his website. He methodically went through each section of his website and listened to each audio sample that was being uploaded. He is meticulous and methodical in his work.

Mr. Sayani started his career in radio when he was seven years old and credits his older brother Hamid Sayani for his success. He is my mentor and taught me everything that I know about broadcasting he says.

Mr. Sayani started Asia’s first music countdown with his Geet Mala show on Radio Ceylon in 1952.

In Part-I of our conversation we talk about his his early years, his brother Hamid Sayani, and Bournvita Quiz Contest.

Stay tuned and in the next few weeks we will have Part-II, Part-III and Part-IV etc of our conversation with Mr. Sayani.

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  1. Kamla,

    Where is Part 1 the podcast?
    I am unable to find the icons to click on to listen to or download.

    I will keep checking every few days.
    I already listened to part 2

    G Vishwanath

  2. How I wish Part1 the podcast with the necessary icon to click on was provided. I am as disappointed as G. Vishwanath.

  3. [...] Conversation With Ameen Sayani( Part-I, II, III, IV,V and Final): A 4 part interview with India’s most famous radio host Amin Sayani. (His magnetic voice is still as charming as it was 20 years back.) [...]

  4. Folks, I am really sorry that Part-1 was missing. Hopefully, you get to listen to Part-1 of the conversation.

    Thanks for listening.


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