Dilip Saraf: Engineers and Leadership Part-1

By • Nov 24th, 2007
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Do engineers make good leaders? Do engineers possess the required leadership skills and traits? What is the difference between a leader and a manager?

To answer these questions I turned to Dilip Saraf, a life and career coach located in Silicon Valley.

In Part-1 of our conversation Dilip talks about the leadership qualities and leadership traits and the difference between a leader and a manager. He cautions that the two words we need to watch out for making any kind of change are failure and fear. These “two F” words can put a damper in your thinking and deter you from making changes.

Dilip has written five books and they The 7 Keys to a Dream Job; Reinvention Through Messaging, Pathways to Career Nirvana; Rehired, not Retired; and Conquering Your Workplace.

Dilip is an engineer by training with degrees from IIT, Mumbai and Stanford.

If you missed our you might want to listen to it where Dilip talked about what a life and career coach does.

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  1. An excellent analytical approach to leadership in the field of Engineering of all sorts. As a matter of fact leadership in any scientific field is what Dilip has so lucidly explained in the interview. It is commendable indeed. My congratulations to him. I am waiting for the Part II interview.

  2. Dilip made a great point about “Asian Mentality” regarding the fear of failure and the need to conform to the society. I also think that leadership is about dealing with greater degree of ambiguity. Managers has set goals and they break it down to pieces of smaller goals to efficiently execute the goals.
    Great Interview.

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