Dilip Saraf: Engineers and Leadership Part-2

By • Dec 4th, 2007
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“How do you know at what point you need to seek help to complete your dream?,” asks Dilip Saraf, a Silicon Valley-based career and life coach. He points out most people don’t like to go there because people are so focused on what could go wrong. Are leaders born or made? Tune in to find out what Dilip has to say.

Dilip has written five books and they are: The 7 Keys to a Dream Job; Reinvention Through Messaging, Pathways to Career Nirvana; Rehired, not Retired; and Conquering Your Workplace.

Dilip is an engineer by training with degrees from IIT, Mumbai and Stanford University, Palo Alto.

If you missed our previous interview you might want to listen to it where Dilip talked about what a life and career coach does.

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