Looking Back At India

By • Aug 20th, 2008
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Murli WanchooMurli WanchooMurli Wanchoo looks back at India from a distance since he now lives in California. He worked for the Indian government for over 40 years. What were the early years like after India got its freedom in 1947? For many who lived and worked during the early stages of nation-building those early years hold a special place.

Mr. Wanchoo looks back at India and shares some of his thoughts on the caliber of bureaucrats and politicians and the 1962 war with China that left deep, psychological scars on many people’s mind, especially in the government and defense forces. General BM Kaul was hand-picked by Krishna Menon to fight against the Chinese in the Tawang area in Arunachal Pradesh, where turned out to be disastrous for the Indian forces. Why was Gen Kaul chosen? Tune it to find out.

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