Neeru Khosla on Education and Doing a Start-Up

By • Sep 16th, 2009
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Neeru KhoslaNeeru Khosla has firmly remained under the radar for many years and has instead focused her attention on her family, children and their education. For many years Neeru was involved in volunteering for her children’s school. During this period she also went back to school and got her second master’s degree in education from Stanford University.

Inspired to do something in the area of education Neeru’s husband Vinod Khosla suggested looking into textbooks for high school students. And that suggestion sparked off Neeru’s interest although she initially resisted the thought since she believes in providing personalized content for school kids. However, Neeru discovered that there is a gap and a need to provide contextual content for high school students and teachers especially in the areas of science and math. And thus was born the idea for CK-12, her non-profit organization. Through CK-12 Neeru has combined her passion for education with purpose.

Over the past couple of years Neeru and her co-founder Murugan Pal have been working behind the scenes to create open-source, collaborative text books called textbooks. Flexbooks and their technology will be made available in August 2008.

In this interview Neeru shares how CK-12 is developing the technology and seeding content to create flexbooks that will are free to be used by high school students and teachers. She also shares on where and how she gets help from her husband, the in-house expert, who helps her with her questions. Doing a start-up is consuming as Neeru has discovered. So, I asked her if she has a better understanding of what her husband’s work in running his companies and being a venture capitalist. Tune in to find out what Neeru has to say on this subject.

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  2. Why not take such an initiative in India? Have you NRIs ever looked back to the roots where you come from and analysed what’s wrong with the education system in India that you go to US, Canada, Europe and Australia to seek higher education?

  3. Thanks Chetan for your comment. I think you are jumping the gun by assuming that NRIs are not looking into this…there are folks working on this and I am sure you will hear about it in good time. I think if you looked around you will notice there are quite a few organizations where NRIs are involved in helping improve access to education for people in India. When it comes to quality…you need to work with the government and the bureaucracy and that will take time.

    A criticism levelled against the Indian community in the US is that we don’t give back to the local community here. Guess why? They are all busy giving back to India and education is a big part.

    Hope this helps.


  4. Hi there!Kamla was somewhat right in saying that ‘the trickle down effect’ of what NRIs are doing for helping educate a new generation of India.Mrs.Neeru Khosla’s initiatives in this direction,CMU’s,as also our own Prof.Raj Reddy’s project of digitization of textbooks(launched over a decade and a half back),etc are pointers in that direction.
    And I can not but congratulate you for winning the PC World’s award for the best designed online radio in such a short time of your radio’s launch.I also agree with the jury’s observation that the content is somewhat serious and I know you people cann’t help it as you rightly observed that you are trying to do your bit for helping to shape an emerging global Indian from a commoner.The range of the ideas and the people(or ratheHi there! Kamla was somewhat right in saying that we,in India, have to wait for what is more than ‘the trickle-r achievers,innovators,trail blazers,etc. from diverse sections for your interviews is simply awesome!However,you could do your bit to build public opinion and proactive popular action regarding issues that are pestering the world today like the global warming,global food crises,etc.A cue may be taken from the youtube video by Nitindas,which was selected by the UN for the billion tree campaign.Anyway,literally keep up the goodshow!

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