Leela Chander on 1930s Bangalore

By • Apr 5th, 2012
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Leela Chander talking about 1930s BangaloreLeela Chander is 91 years old, and in 1938 she came to Bangalore as a young bride.  She arrived by train from Pune and settled down in Bangalore’s cantonment area, where she worked alongside  her physician husband at his Dr. Chander’s Clinic on Mosque Road.

What was Bangalore like in the 1930s? She shares her vivid and delightful memories of 1930s Bangalore and about wide avenues, bunglows, and a city famous for its greenery. The Bangalore, Mrs. Chander describes, reminds you of  Peter Colaco’s book where he writes, “The original Bangalore was space and grace personified. It was a lazy little place, an English speaking Goa, minus the sea, but with parks, lakes and  gardens to compensate.” (Aside: the book has a series of delightful illustrations by Paul Fernandes.)

Mrs. Chander’s nostalgic-tinged memories transport you back to a laid-back city known for its gardens and as a paradise for “pensioners.” Some of the places she mentions exist, while others have completely disappeared from Bangalore’s landscape. Lal Bagh, Cauvery Emporium, MTR, Albert’s Bakery are familiar landmarks in 21stc Bangalore, but others like Plaza and Globe cinema theatre no longer exist.

Here is short video clip of Mrs. Chander talking about Bangalore, which is now known as “Silicon Valley of India.”

Suggested Reading:

Bangalore: A Century of Tales From City and Cantonment by Peter Colaco with illustrations by Paul Fernandes.


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  1. It was good to hear and see Mrs Chanders interview,I cannot remember when we last met,all the same, it felt really good to see her.I am glad my brother Ramesh forwarded it to me. My regards and good wishes to her.

    Leela Thambiah

  2. Thank you for your comment and thanks to your brother for sharing the link with you. So glad you enjoyed watching and listening Mrs. Leela Chander talk about the old Bangalore.


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