Mohandas Pai on Education, Investment & IPO Part-2

By • Apr 26th, 2012
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Mohandas PaiMohandas Pai on education, investment  and IPO  in part-2 of our conversation.  He is the chairperson of the board of  Manipal Global Education Services that has schools and educational institutions in India, Malaysia, Dubai and Antigua.  Interestingly, the California Educational System serves as a role model for Manipal’s educational system.

What prompted Mohan to join Manipal Global Education Services after he left his job at Infosys? Is there an IPO in the cards for Manipal? How did his passion for education begin? At Infosys he helped build the corporate university for the company. Mohan sits on the boards of many educational institutions around India.

Central to Mohan’s thinking is the role of education in transforming people, who in turn transform their community and country. While education is a force multiplier, there are challenges that need to be ironed out in the Indian system as he points out in the interview.

Besides education, startups and innovation are on Mohan’s radar at the moment. Along with Ranjan Pai he  started a private equity fund that invests in startups in biotech and e-commerce space.

In case, you missed here is the link to Part-1 of our conversation, where he talks about how he joined Infosys and his interest in all things financial.

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