End of Watch’s Michael Pena & Nataline Martinez

By • Sep 21st, 2012
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End of Watch's Michael Pena and Natalie Martinez  copyright The Kamla Show 2012Director David Ayer of Fast and Furious fame has a new film out – End of Watch. This unusual cop film revolves Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena and their police beat in Newton, a gritty part of Los Angeles.  Behind that police badge beats a heart just like yours is part of the opening dialog of the films. And it is behind that badge, and what goes in the hearts and minds of these cops that End of Watch is all about. The film evokes a range of emotions in the user.  It is funny, gritty, whimsical and emotional.

In this interview Michael Pena and Natalie Martinez share about how they prepared for their roles in End of Watch. Both actors also share the challenges they faced when they began their career in Hollywood.

End of Watch releases on Sept 21, 2012.




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