Hollywood’s Paul Feig on The Heat, Melissa McCarthy, Bollywood & Music

By • Jun 28th, 2013
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Paul Feig on The Kamla Show copyright 2013Meet Hollywood filmaker, director & author Paul Feig, who talks about his new film “The Heat,” Melissa McCarthy, Marx Brothers, Blake Edwards, Bollywood and being an Anglophile. And oh! music is an integral part of his films.

Feig enjoys making films about smart and funny women. His last film “Bridesmaids,” did very well at the box-office. His new film “The Heat,” is a female buddy cop film starring Sandra Bullock an Melissa McCarthy set in Boston.

Born and brought up in Michigan, Feig moved to Los Angeles as a college student. He went to make the cult TV comedy “Freaks and Geeks,” and has worked with other TV shows like “The Office,” “Arrested Development,” “Nurse Jackie,” and “Mad Men.”

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Laurie Feig.

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