Video: Pride – A Film About An Unlikely Alliance Between Gays and Striking British Miners

“Pride” is a new British Film based on a true story about an unlikely alliance between gays and striking Welsh miners. Think 1980 Britain when Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister of the country. A group of gay activists in London decide to support the striking miners, which was one of the largest mining strikes… Continue Reading

Video: Zoe Elton On Mill Valley Film Festival 2014

Mill Valley Film Festival is one of the last major film festivals of the  year. Organized by the California Film Institute this annual film festival is generally held  in the last quarter of the year in the beautiful town of Mill Valley located a few miles north of San Francisco. This year’s festival runs from… Continue Reading

Benedict Cumberbatch at Mill Valley Film Festival?

Is it possible that Benedict Cumberbatch could be at this year’s Mill Valley Film Festival? He recently attended the Toronto Film Festival for the premier of his new film “The Imitation Man.” This is a true story based on the legendary British mathematician & code breaker Alan Turing.  There is a India connection that the Turings had.… Continue Reading

Video: Highlights from San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 2014

This year’s San Jose Jazz Summerfest ((August 8-10, 2014) was a treat for your ears, eyes and soul. For 3 days I heard all kinds of music from jazz, hot jazz, blues, mambo, salsa, zydeco, gypsy and soul in various venues in downtown San Jose. This was the 25th year of the festival organized by San… Continue Reading

Video: This Ain’t No Mouse Music. But, What Is Mouse Music?

“This Ain’t No Mouse Music”  is a new documentary about Chris Strachwitz by Chris Simon and Maureen Gosling. The filmmakers have known Strachwitz for many years. Strachwitz is a San Francisco bay area resident and an icon in the world of music.  “This Ain’t No Mouse Music” traces the journey of Strachwitz’s obsession with finding and recording blues,… Continue Reading