The Kamla Show – Upcoming Interviews

Every week we bring you interesting interviews and conversations. Take a peek to see some of the new interviews we have in store, and the ones that you may missed watching on our YouTube channel. And if you like what you see, it will be awesome if you subscribed to it. Every week on Thursday and… Continue Reading

Full Metal Jacket Diary App

Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket,” is a film about America’s involvement in the Vietnam war. Released in 1987 the film follows a Marine group during the war. It took about 2 years to complete the shooting of the film. During the making of the  film Mathew Modine maintained a dairy, which he later on published… Continue Reading

Video: Belkin’s WeMo Platform

Belkin is a well-known consumer electronics company. You probably have seen or used their products. The company recently introduced a  couple of smart new home appliances that uses “WeMo” their Home Automation Solution. Using your smart phone, you can easily operate these smart home appliances. For example, you can turn operate a smart lightbulb or coffee… Continue Reading