President Obama’s Visit To India

President Barrack Obama became the first American President to visit India twice, and the first to attend India’s Republic Day parade. He spent 3 days in New Delhi meeting with politicians, entrepreneurs and other policy makers. There was lot of talk about the “bromance” between Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. It is… Continue Reading

President Obama’s Visit to India by Kal Penn

President Obama just wrapped up a 3-day visit to India. While the President’s visit to India may not have received extensive coverage in the US,  the Indian media scrutinized every move and gesture of the President. This is President Obama’s  second visit to India. At a symbolic level President Obama’s meeting had a couple of… Continue Reading

Gurcharan Das Podcast The Kamla Show

Podcast: Gurcharan Das on The Difficulty of Being Good Part-2

In Part-2 of our conversation Gurcharan Das we continue our conversation about his new book “The Difficulty of Being Good: On The Subtle Art of Dharma.” Das  turned to the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata to study the concepts of dharma or doing the right thing.  He writes that the Mahabharata “is unique in engaging with the world of politics.” He writes, “The Mahabharata is… Continue Reading