AR Rahman

Podcast: Academy Award Winner AR Rahman On His Musical Journey Part-2

LISTEN: Academy Award Winner AR Rahman On His Musical Journey Part-2 In February 2009 I spoke to AR Rahman or AR as he prefers to be called about his musical journey and how it all started in his hometown of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. We spoke on the eve of his big Academy Award night… Continue Reading

AR Rahman

Podcast: Academy Award Winner AR Rahman Part-1

In early February 2009 I caught with AR Rahman on one of his brief visits to Los Angeles. AR as he likes to be called was in Los Angeles for the big night at the Oscars. AR’s  music in Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire” was a huge success and the film had won strong praise from critics and movie goers. “Slumdog… Continue Reading

Video: Academy Award Winner Eddie Redmayne on Meeting Stephen Hawking

British actor Eddie Redmayne plays the famous scientist Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything.”  The film takes you into the personal life Hawking and his time as a graduate student at Cambridge where he met his future wife Jane Wilde. It was around this time that Hawking got his diagnosis about the motor neutron disease.… Continue Reading

Lisa Fruchtman

Podcast: Lisa Fruchtman Academy Award Winning Editor Part-2

Lisa Fruchtman is an Academy Award winning editor  (The Right Stuff) and a filmmaker. In Part-2 of our conversation we talk with Fruchtman on how she got started as an editor. What seduced her to continue her career as an editor at at time when there were barely any women editors in the film industry. This… Continue Reading

Lisa Fruchtman

Podcast: Academy Award Winner Lisa Fruchtman on Sweet Dreams Part-1

Lisa and her brother Bob Fruchtman produced and directed “Sweet Dreams,” an unusual film about drumming and ice cream shop. Yes, it sounds implausible, but that is the message of the film too. How to think out of the box and make things happen, especially in a war-torn country like Rwanda. Lisa is a successful… Continue Reading

Video: Shonali Bose on Margarita With A Straw & Kalki Koechlin

Shonali Bose’s  award-winning film “Margarita With A Straw,” has received praise ever since it was first shown at The Toronto Film Festival in 2014. The film is loosely based on her cousin Malini’s story. This coming-of-age film stars Kalki Koechlin, Revathy, Sayani Gupta, and Hussain Dalal. We caught up with Shonali in San Francisco and in… Continue Reading

Walter Murch on The Kamla Show

Podcast: Walter Murch on Editing, Technology and Films

Mention Walter Murch and you will get two kinds of reaction.  The first is one of instant recognition. The second one veers between “The name rings a bell.” or I don’t know who he is.”  However, if  you ask them if they have heard of Francis Ford Cappola’s The Godfather or Apocalypse Now  or George Lucas’s American… Continue Reading