Greg Booth

Podcast: Prof. Greg Booth on The Making of Bollywood Music Part-2

Prof. Greg Booth is a musician, author and teacher at University of Auckland, New Zealand. In 2008 Prof. Booth’s book “Behind The curtain: Making Music in Mumbai’s Film Studios,” was published. It highlights the contributions of individual musicians, who were part of a larger Hindi or Bollywood music orchestra. The musicians came from different background spanning British military… Continue Reading

Greg Booth

Podcast: Greg Booth on Indian Wedding Brass Bands

Prof. Greg Booth is a teacher, author & musician. In his book Brass Baja: Stories From The World of Indian Wedding Bands he takes us behind the scene into the world of the Indian brass band musicians, whose rich musical traditions and history has been largely ignored. It was way back back in the 17th century that the first wedding brass band made… Continue Reading

Greg Booth

Podcast: Prof. Greg Booth On Making of Bollywood Music Part-3

Prof. Greg Booth is a musician, teacher and an author. In his book “Looking Behind The Curtain Making Music In Mumbai’s Film Industry” he takes us behind the silverscreen to show us how music was (is) made in Hindi or Bollywood films. In Part-2 Prof. Booth talks about the process of how songs were created especially… Continue Reading


Today marks the 77th birthday of Rahul Dev Burman (27 June 1939 – 4 January 1994), an influential and iconic Bollywood music director. RD or Pancham as he was known forever changed the musical landscape of Bollywood film music. RD chased new music and introduced it in Indian films, specifically Bollywood films points out Prof Greg Booth. Besides… Continue Reading


  “Baar Baar Dekho” means look and look again. I’d say listen and listen to this song again. This delightful  track is from Shillong Chamber Choir of India. They do a great job of fusing a 1962 Bollywood or Hindi song with a jazz standard ‘S Wonderful, by Gershwin brothers from the 1927 Broadway musical “Funny Face.”… Continue Reading

Red Baarat

Video: Red Baarat In San Francisco Bay Area

Wedding brass bands are a big part of Indian weddings. These bands grew out of the military brass bands in British India as ethnomusicologist Prof. Greg Booth explains. Imagine my surprise when a few years ago I stumbled upon Red Baarat, a brass band from New York. This 8-piece band was started by Sunny Jain… Continue Reading

Bollywood Sounds

Podcast: Bollywood Sounds & American Influence with Jayson Beaster-Jones

What are the sounds of Bollywood music? What are the various influences that shaped and continue shape Bollywood music? If you delve deep into the subject of Bollywood music as Prof. Jayson Beaster- Jones has done, you will discover all sorts of musical influence from jazz, big band to gypsy music and hip-hop. American music… Continue Reading