Casey Kasem, RIP

“I am Casey Kasem.” and thus began a Sunday ritual for millions of people, who flocked to their radio and transistor sets to listen to  “American Top 40.”  And for the net 2 hours folks would be glued listening to the program that ended when Kasem signed off with “Keep your feet on the ground and… Continue Reading

Film Notes: Filmistaan

Borders. When we think of borders, we  generally see them as straight or jagged lines on a map. That borders are rigid and defined is one notion – but there is the other side to this and that is borders are living, breathing entities where a lot happens. Towns located along any geographical borders tend to be… Continue Reading

HBO’s Silicon Valley

HBO’s new show “Silicon Valley,” is at the end of its first season and has found a strong fan base.  I was skeptical and unconvinced when I saw the first episode called “Minimum Viable Product.” It had lots of of hype and did paint a very flattering  picture of this “cradle of innovation” and startup culture.… Continue Reading

Rep. Mike Honda vs. Ro Khanna in Silicon Valley’s Congressional Elections

The results for the “jungle primary” elections for Silicon Valley’s Congressional district 17 are in. It is going to be a battle between incumbent Rep. Mike Honda and Ro Khanna for the November elections. According to the Silicon Valley Congressional Elections in CA 17″ href=””>results Rep. Honda won 48.6% and Ro Khanna got 27.1%. Trailing not too far behind… Continue Reading