About The Kamla Show

The Kamla Show is a weekly TV series from Silicon Valley that airs in many markets in the US. Our Women in STEM, Women in STEAM and Silicon Valley Pioneer series airs on various PBS, Public TV and cable channels in the US. The TV series is also available on our YouTube channel.

The show is about authentic conversations with real people. Often, when we talk about the success of a company, film or book, we tend to overlook the person behind that success.

What was it like to create a company?  How did you develop an interest in math and science? How did you balance your personal and startup life? What are your earliest memories of cinema? Why did you write the book? Why did you chose a career in music, and how did your family help? What was the first record you owned? Or, what does money mean to you?

The Kamla Show is about asking those questions you would be asking if you had the chance to sit with our guests in your living room over a cup of tea.

The Kamla Show is not just about technologists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers and authors, but also about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and sharing their memories with us. As we say it is about Life, People and Ideas.