My Story

Thanks for stopping by. Guess, you want to know a little bit about me. So, here goes…

In the 1990s I found myself working in Silicon Valley. This was the start of the dotcom boom. I watched the powerful  unleashing of innovation and entrepreneurship all around me. I got a chance to work for two bootstraped startups. These were not only powerful experiences in themselves, but they also allowed me to write about the dotcom revolution from an insider’s perspective. I published articles and wrote columns in papers and magazines like Financial Express, Business Standard, Times of India,Outlook, India Abroad, Rediff, Silicon India and Mantram.

When do-it-yourself tools for audio and video recording became available at the start of the 21stc I saw my moment. I began with a daily news update for internet radio called News about India, which later became Talk News India. Both these shows were dry runs or precursors for my weekly podcast show that was born in 2006.  We changed the format into a weekly podcast features show and changed the name to The Kamla Bhatt Show: Life, People and Ideas. The focus was to engage leading entrepreneurs, technologists, filmmakers writers, artists, newsmakers and others in free-ranging conversations. These conversations offered insights into the fierce ambition, the strategic thinking, and the flights of imagination that shape their worldview.

In 2008 we changed the name of our weekly podcast show to its current avatar The Kamla Show. The gutsy culture of the startup garage inspired and steadied me as I launched my one-woman internet radio plan, researching, contacting and interviewing guests, editing and uploading interviews, and marketing the content entirely on my own. My podcast interviews was syndicated to Podtech, Mint (India’s second largest newspaper), and featured on local US radio stations.

In 2012 the podcast show transitioned to a weekly TV show from Silicon Valley. While the name of the show changed, the focus remained  in creating engaging conversations with entrepreneurs, filmmakers, actors, writers and other newsmakers from the San Francisco Bay Area. We started off by airing our weekly TV show in local markets in the San Francisco Bay area, and expanded to new markets around the country. Today the TV show airs in 30 states in the US.

Besides our regular weekly TV series, we have an on-going special series on Women in STEM, Women in STEAM and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

In 2017 over a dozen PBS and independent TV stations aired Season 1, a 9-part episode  of  “Women in Science and Technology in Silicon Valley.” This series was sponsored by Zoho.

In 2018 over 25 PBS and independent TV stations aired Season 2, a 13-part series  of  our “Women in Science and Technology in Silicon Valley.”  This series was sponsored by Genentech and Zoho.

In 2019 we released Season 3 and Season 4 of our series that  aired and continues to air in some PBS and independent station. Season 3  is a 5-part series with Silicon Valley pioneers  Bill Atkinson and Andy Hertzfeld, who were part of the original Macintosh team at Apple and went on to found General Magic in the early 1990s. This series was sponsored by Zoho.

Season 4 is a 10-part series of “Women in Science, Technology and Arts,”  which was partly sponsored by Zoho.

We could not have grown and reached our national audience without the help of so many people starting with you, the audience and our crew that helps create our weekly TV episodes.  Here is a list of TV stations that air  our show and does not include the various PBS and Public Media Stations that air our series. The show is also available on our YouTube channel.

I also host a weekly radio show on Tuesday from 7-10 am on  90.1 FM, KZSU. The radio show began as a blues and jazz program that slowly changed into an eclectic show called “It’s Hollywood, It’s Bollywood,” where I play ragtime, jazz, blues, reggae, rock, folk, surf, classical to over-the-top Bollywood songs. Besides playing music, I also interview local entrepreneurs, musicians and Hollywood filmmakers. Note: Am on a break from the radio show for a bit.

300 audio interviews and 250 video episodes later, I have received enough enthusiastic feedback to know that people get this.

A big thank you to those who get this and send in their comments, feedback and suggestions.


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