Prof. Annette Insdorf on Films, Filmmakers and Film History

Prof. Annete Insdorf is a teacher, author, film historian and an interviewer. She teaches at Columbia University and prior to that she taught at Yale University. To say that Prof. Insdorf is consumed by films is an understatement. She got hooked to films as a graduate student at Yale University and her love for films grew… Continue Reading

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I was craving for some Mexican food from San Jose’s La Victoria Taqueira in Bangalore after seeing all those Superbowl 50  tweets about salsa and burritos. If only there was a local taqueria from where I could order a veggie burrito and get some nachos with some guac it would be wonderful I thought. While… Continue Reading

My 3 Picks for SFIFF: Court, Chef’s Table and 7 Chinese Brothers

With one more week to go, here are my 3 picks from this year’s San Francisco International Film Festival (April 23-May 7, 2015). These are films that I have seen. There are lot of films I have not seen, and would like to see them. These include “The Diplomat,” “The Deep Web” “Tangerine” and “The… Continue Reading

San Francisco International Film Festival

Photos: San Francisco Internatonal Film Festival

The 58th San Francisco Internatonal Film Festival is underway, and this year they have a really terrific lineup.The opening night film was Alex Gibney’s much talked about documentary “Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine.” The film explores our collective fascination with Jobs, and delves into what values shaped this iconic Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

VIDEO: Noah Cowan on San Francisco International Film Festival

Today is the opening night of the longest running film festival in the Americas – San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF). The festival runs from today through May 7, 2015 and is studded with a wonderful array of films, guests and talks. We sat down to speak with Noah Cowan of  San Francisco Film Society… Continue Reading

VIDEO: Noah Cowan on 58th San Francisco International Film Festival

  San Francisco Film Society (SFFS) is gearing up to host the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival (April 23 – May 7, 2015). This is the longest running film festival in the Americas points out Noah Cowan, Executive Director of SFFS. What is different about this year’s festival I asked Cowan. The actual festival itself won’t… Continue Reading

Noah Cowan

Noah Cowan on San Francisco International Film Festival

Noah Cowan is Executive Director of the San Francisco Film Society (SFFS) that hosts the annual San Francisco International Film Festival. Cowan joined SFFS last year, and prior to that he spent a lot of his time at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). His last post was as artistic director of the Bell Lightbox… Continue Reading