Punjabi-Mexican Learns To Read & Write Punjabi

Over 100 years ago a small group of Punjabis from British India made their way to the west coast of America in search of a better life. Many of them eventually moved to Yuba City in California, where they became successful farmers.Because of legal barriers the early settlers from India were not allowed to marry… Continue Reading

Vidoe: Meet David Rai – Third Generation Punjabi-Hispanic Farmer of California

Meet David Rai, who is a third generation Punjabi-Hispanic farmer from Yuba City in California. Rai’s grandfather Bishan Gill Singh came to America over 100 years ago and married Ernestine Zuniga, a Hispanic. Their daughter Mary married Lal Singh Rai, who came from Punjab to America before World War 2. RaiĀ along with his sister Leela… Continue Reading