Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco


A couple of days ago during a visit to San Francisco’s The Fairmont Hotel I finally got to meet  Thomas Wolfe, Chief concierge of the hotel. Elegantly dressed in a suit and a bow tie he graciously answered all my inquisitive questions about the hotel’s rich history and famous guests like, Alfred Hitchcock and Ella Fitzgerald, who… Continue Reading


Muir Woods National Monument is located a few miles north of San Francisco past the Golden Gate bridge. Named after John Muir, the famous naturalist, this place is home to old Redwood trees that are hundreds of years old. Some trees are about 800 years old. There are 6 trails of varying lengths and levels of… Continue Reading

San Francisco Is Obsessed With Food?

With a title like this “San Francisco is obsessed with food and that is an understatement,” how can you not read the article? This was not published in a local San Francisco bay area paper, but in the Washington Post (WaPo) and it brought back memories of a conversation I had with a chef in… Continue Reading