John Oliver on The Biggest Elections In The World in India


“The biggest elections in the world” is taking part in India points out John Oliver in “Last Week Tonight.” his new show that debuted this past Sunday on HBO.What was interesting is Oliver spent nearly 9 minutes talking about the great Indian elections. In less than 9 minutes Oliver provides a brilliant and incisive analysis of how India’s General Elections is barley covered by American media.

“If this story is not worth covering, then nothing is worth covering.” He does add Indian stories are not being ignored by American news media, but this newsworthy Indian story on the world’s biggest elections barely registers a blip in the American media radar.

“What does it (Indian elections) have to do with the United States?” asks John McLaughlin in his weekly news show “The McLaughlin Group.” “It is not even in our hemisphere,” he adds. Those 2 lines by McLaughlin says a lot about how India and the Indian elections fare on those Sunday morning political shows on TV and cable.  If you are a political junkie and watch all those political shows on Sunday, you know that McLauglin’s show is one of the oldest running political shows.  A former Jesuit priest and a speech writer for President Nixon McCaughlin is a  Republican and a well-known political commentator.

Back to Oliver and the brilliant job he did in highlighting how American media is covering the Indian elections, while ironically Indian TV news shows are clearly influenced by American cable news. India is not ignoring our cable news he points out. First there is Narendra Modi’s use of holograph, which Oliver points out is a mix of Coachella and Tupac 2 American music icons.  Coachella is a 3 day music and arts festival held in Indio in California, while Tupac was an American actor and rapper And the second American influence? The “Foxification” of Indian TV news channel.

Voting for the Indian Elections began on April 7 and continue till May 12, 2014. On May 16, 2014 we will know the results of the elections and who will be the next Prime Minister of India.