Video: Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th to those celebrating the American Independence day. It was on this day in 1776 that the United States of America declared its independence from the British.

A couple of years ago, we drove up to Calfiornia’s Gold country to witness a traditional July 4th parade. We drove from the San Francisco bay area to Columbia State Park and arrived just in time to find a parking spot. It was a bright, hot summer day and we followed the crowd and made a beeline to Fallon Ice Cream parlor for a much-need respite from the heat. This old-fashioned  ice-cream shop, which seemed to the place to cool down. And who do we clap our eyes upon entering the shop? We came  face-to face with Mark Twain himself.  You see during the gold rush period in California a young Mark Twain spent his time in this part of the world and wrote his first essay “The Jumping Frogs of Calaveras”  in 1865.

Here is a short video from that July 4th celebration. I wish we had stayed back for the dance competition, which looked like a lot of fun. We had come ill-prepared to battle the hot sun and the rising temperature. We beat a hasty retreat to a nearby place to partake in a glass of tall lemonade and salad.

If you plan to attend this traditional parade do check the temperatures, wear sunscreen and the right clothes to enjoy the parade.