Video: Earthquake Preparedness With Chris Hall

California is an earthquake prone state and having an earthquake go back is part and parcel of your life. Earthquake faults run both in Northern and Southern California. In the last 100 years there were two major earthquakes, both of which occurred in Northern California. One was the 1906 earthquake of San Francisco described as one of the “most devastating” one in California. The second major earthquake is the Loma Preita quake in 1989 that started in Santa Cruz mountains that caused extensive damage in San Francisco and Oakland area. This earthquake famously damaged the Bay bridge.

How do you stay prepared for an earthquake? What essentials do you need to have in an emergency kit? Where do you keep the earthquake go bag?  What should the earthquake survival kit contain besides water, food, clothes & flashlight? What is duck, cover and hold? What is triangle of life? Is triangle of safe a recommended tip? We had so many many questions.

We turned to Chris Hall, an earthquake and emergency preparedness consultant in Silicon Valley for tips and suggestions.