Video: Zach Braff on his new film “Wish I Was Here”

Zach Braff is an actor, writer and producer. His directorial debut “The Garden State,” won him lots of praise and fans. He now has a second film that he directed, acted and co-wrote “Wish I Was Here.”

Braff was in San Francisco recently to promote his new film. Here is a teaser of the interview that we did with him. We were curious to know how Braff  got Mandy Patinkin to act in the film given his busy shooting for Showtime’s “Homeland” series.  He plays Saul Berenson in the series.

If you are wondering about the tile of the film – apparently it was inspired by those postcards folks used to send when they were traveling. Remember those postcards? Maybe postcards are a novelty for those who grew up in the Internet age.

Here is our interview with Braff on the making of his film, Mandy Patamkin and why he went the Kickstarter route to raise money for his film.