Benedict Cumberbatch at Mill Valley Film Festival?

Is it possible that Benedict Cumberbatch could be at this year’s Mill Valley Film Festival? He recently attended the Toronto Film Festival for the premier of his new film “The Imitation Man.”

This is a true story based on the legendary British mathematician & code breaker Alan Turing.  There is a India connection that the Turings had. Alan Turing’s mother was born in Madras (now Chennai) in India and his  father worked for the Indian Civil Service. And Benedict Cumberbatch has a India connection too. He spent some time in Darjeeling teaching English to Buddhisht monks.

The Imitation Man” is part of this year’s Mill Valley Film Festival. I was curious to know if there was a chance that Benedict Cumberbatch may come to the Mill Valley Film Festival. Here is what Zoe Elton, Programming Director of the festival had to say.

Do check back for the full  full interview with Zoe Elton. That is coming up next week.

The Mill Valley Film Festival runs from Oct 2-12, 2014.