Video: Pride – A Film About An Unlikely Alliance Between Gays and Striking British Miners

2018-06-30 02_50_39-Pride - Stephen Beresefod and Jonathan Blake - YouTube.pngPride” is a new British Film based on a true story about an unlikely alliance between gays and striking Welsh miners. Think 1980 Britain when Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister of the country. A group of gay activists in London decide to support the striking miners, which was one of the largest mining strikes in the country. The film builds upon hos this unlikely alliance is forged and how it ended up helping the Gay and Lesbian Rights in Britain.And out of this fight was born an unlikely politician, who went to become a Member of Parliament.

The film makes for a fascinating watch and has some fantastic performances. Ben Schnitzer, an American actor, who lives in London essays one of the leading roles and he does such a convincing job with his Irish accent that it is hard to remember that he is an American. And then there is the brilliant performance by Imelda Stauton, who is part of the Welsh mining community.

Stephen Beresford, who wrote the screenplay of “Pride” and Jonathan Blake, who was one of the gay activists, who supported the miners were in San Francisco for a screening of the film. They got a standing ovation for the audience.

We sat down with Beresford and Blake to talk about the film and what inspired them to make the film. We also found out about Blake’s connection to San Francisco.

“Pride” stars Ben Schnitzer, Andrew Scott, Dominic West, Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton and others.

The film releases in SF bay area on Sept 26, 2014.