Video: Jason Reitman on “Men, Women and Children,” at Mill Valley Film Festival

2018-06-30 02_46_42-_Jason Reitman_ on _Men, Women & Children_ at Mill Valley Film Festival - YouTub.pngFilmmaker Jason Reitman’s new film “Men, Women and Children,” is the opening night film at this year’s Mill Valley Film Festival. The film looks at how ubiquitous and always-on Internet and Social Media has permeated our lives, especially the lives of younger people. But, why single out the young folks? The adults are also plugged into this digital lifestyle. You know that. Throughout the day our eyes are glued looking into one screen or another.

What does this ubiquitous always-on Internet do to our lives? Does it lead to a richer social and inter-connected life, or does it lead us to a disconnected and isolated lifestyle? How has our behavior changed? How are parents dealing with this digital addiction of their kids, and sometimes they too find addicted to this stuff. How do parents handle this inter-connected lifestyle, where we are one click away from everything. Do they need to police their children’s lifestyle or give them general directions? Where do you do draw that line in this digital age is one of the central questions the film explores.

I found the film an absorbing watch. Living in San Francisco bay area we are in the thick of this digital lifestyle and I am part of this like almost everyone in this part of the world. So, it was interesting to step back and watch this film.

Here is a short video with Reitman shares why and how he made “Men, Women and Children” from the Mill Valley Film Festival.