Full Metal Jacket Diary App

Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket,” is a film about America’s involvement in the Vietnam war. Released in 1987 the film follows a Marine group during the war. It took about 2 years to complete the shooting of the film. During the making of the  film Mathew Modine maintained a dairy, which he later on published as a limited book called “The Full Metal Jacket Diary.”  Modine plays a journalist in the film.

And now Modine’s diary is available as an iPad app. Created by Adam Rakoff, the app is about 4 hours long, and a free preview of the first chapter is available.

We caught up with Mathew and Rakoff  at this year’s Conquest Film Festival in San Jose. Modine was honored with a Maverick Tech Innovator’s award. Here is that  interview we did on how the Full Metal Jacket Diary came about.