Video: I Am Eleven – A Film About 11 Year Olds Around The World

Eleven. Do your remember what it was like to be a eleven year old? How did you view the world around you? What did you think of the world, love, music and helping people around you?

What do eleven year olds around the world think is the subject of Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey’s documentary “I Am Eleven.” She travelled around the world from India to America to France and Australia to talk to an interesting cross-section of 11-year  from different soci0-economic background. The film makes for a fascinating watch as we see the world through 11-year olds around the world. And after you watch the film, you may find yourself sifting through your memories and savoring those happy 11-year old moments.

Bailey spent over 5 years traveling around the world and filming the documentary. The reason she started the project was she went through a rough patch on the personal front, and was looking to do something that would bring her happiness. She thought back to her happy memories as a 11-year old and decided to find out what 11-year olds around the world think.

We met with Bailey to talk about the film along with 21 year old Dagan, who is the first kid we see in the documentary. Interestingly, Bailey and Dagan were meeting for the first time after nearly 10 years. And at the time of the interview Dagan had not seen the film and he had faint recollections of what he said in the film.