Podcast: Gurcharan Das on The Difficulty of Being Good Part-2

Gurcharan Das Podcast The Kamla Show

Gurcharan Das

In Part-2 of our conversation Gurcharan Das we continue our conversation about his new book “The Difficulty of Being Good: On The Subtle Art of Dharma.” Das  turned to the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata to study the concepts of dharma or doing the right thing.  He writes that the Mahabharata “is unique in engaging with the world of politics.” He writes, “The Mahabharata is about our incomplete lives, about good people acting badly, about how difficult it is to be good in this world.”

Can the ancient Indian epic help us understand the moral failure of governance and financial disasters of the 21st century? Tune in to find out.



LISTEN: Gurcharan Das on The Difficulty of Being Good Part-2


Before turning a writer Das spent his life in the corporate world. After finishing his undergraduate studies at Harvard University, he turned to India, where he helped spearhead and make Vicks Vaporub, a household name.He was the CEO of Proctor and Gamble, India and later became the Managing Director, Procter & Gamble Worldwide.

In case, you missed you can listen to Part-1 of our interview with Gurcharan Das.

This interview was recorded in Silicon Valley in October 2010.

Photo credit: Gurcharandas.org


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