ATMA by A.E.S – Mixing Hip-Hop with Hindustani Classical Music

2018-07-03 12_30_47-(2) Grand Tapestry - ATMA (Official Video) - YouTube.png

ATMA is a new track by a A.E.S., a San Francisco bay area-based music group. The track fuses American hip-hop style lyrics with Hindustani or North Indian Classical music. A.E.S was formed  last year by a trio of musicians. The name is derived from the alphabets of their first name – Alam Khan, Eligh and Salar Nader. Eligh is on vocals, Alam is on sarode and Salar is on tabla.

Expect to see more music track from A.E.S. They are working on creating a album, which they plan to release later this year.