Podcast: Academy Award Winner Lisa Fruchtman on Sweet Dreams Part-1

LISTEN: Academy Award Winner Lisa Fruchtman on “Sweet Dreams”

Lisa Fruchtman

Lisa Fruchtman

Academy award winner Lisa Fruchtman talks about her documentary film “Sweet Dreams.”  This is an inspirational film is about healing, hope and reconciliation in Rwanda after the terrible genocide of 1994. We interviewed Lisa Fruchtman in San Francisco, where she spoke about the making of the film and how it all came together.

Lisa and her brother Bob Fruchtman produced and directed “Sweet Dreams,” an unusual film about drumming and ice cream shop. Yes, it sounds implausible, but that is the message of the film too. How to think out of the box and make things happen, especially in a war-torn country like Rwanda.

Lisa is a successful film editor, who has worked on such iconic films as “Godfather II,” “The Right Stuff,” “Apocalypse Now,” “Children of Lesser Gods,” and other films. “Sweet Dreams” is the first film she produced and directed.

Don’t forget to listen to Part-2 of our interview, where Fruchtman talks about how she got started as a film editor.

This interview was recorded in 2013 and aired on TV in San Francisco bay area. You can watch the video interview with Fruchtman.


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