Podcast: Lisa Fruchtman Academy Award Winning Editor Part-2

Lisa Fruchtman

Lisa Fruchtman

Lisa Fruchtman is an Academy Award winning editor  (The Right Stuff) and a filmmaker.

In Part-2 of our conversation we talk with Fruchtman on how she got started as an editor. What seduced her to continue her career as an editor at at time when there were barely any women editors in the film industry. This was a time when there were no computers and editing was a pretty intensive process involving splicing and glueing filmstrips.

She has worked on iconic films like “Apocalypse Now,” “Godfather II,” “The Right Stuff,” and  “The Children of Lesser God.”  Fruchtman also worked on a documentary about the last concert of The Grateful Dead at Winterland in San Francisco.


LISTEN: Academy Award Winner Lisa Fruchtman Part-2


Fruchtman studied at the University of Chicago and worked in Canada before relocating to the San Francisco bay area and got a chance to work with local directors like Francis Ford Copolla and Phil Kaufmann. She got her break working for  feature films with  Copolla’s “Godfather II,” where Walter Murch was the editor. She then went on to work with Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now,” which took over 2 years to make. This was a difficult project she points out. For her next project she went after it with a vengeance she confesses. This was director Randa Haines film“The Children of Lesser God,”

In 2012 Fruchtman collaborated with her brother and made “Sweet Dreams,” a documentary about women entreprneuurs in Rwanda.

Fruchtman studied at the University of Chicago and has a background in music.