Video: Academy Award Winner Eddie Redmayne on Meeting Stephen Hawking

British actor Eddie Redmayne plays the famous scientist Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything.”  The film takes you into the personal life Hawking and his time as a graduate student at Cambridge where he met his future wife Jane Wilde. It was around this time that Hawking got his diagnosis about the motor neutron disease. The film is centered around the first 20 years of their marriage and the toll it took upon the couple. The film is in fact based on a book that Wilde wrote about her marriage to Hawking.

Redmayne diligently researched and prepared for the role and the result is stunningly evident when you watch the film. As part of his preparation he got to meet Stephen Hawking.

Reedmayne was in San Franciso recently, where I got to interview him. Here is a highlight from the longer interview where Redmayne talks about his meeting with Hawking and why he was nervous.