Apple Event Round-Up From Watches to HBO NOW

Tim Cook

Tim Cook

Apple Watch was not the only thing that CEO Tim Cook and his team announced yesterday at their much anticipated March Spring Forward event in San Francisco. They announced a clutch of new products and services like an all-new MacBook, MacBook Pro, ResearchKit and HBO NOW on Apple TV.

In case you missed here are some broad details.  If you have the time – say about 94 minutes, you can watch the entire Apple Spring Forward Event here.

The most anticipated announcement was the Apple Watch that debuts on April 24 in nine countries. And here is a quick read on what it feels like to try on that brand new, nifty device that brings back memories of  Dick Tracy’s watch. If you are wondering what Apple watch brings to the table then Kyle Vanhemert has you covered in this article in Wired. He wonders what is the gap that Apple Watch seeks to fill and says, “For now, all know now is that the Apple Watch will bring a bunch of new experiences.” Bunch of new experiences to whom you ask? Teenagers – they are the ones who will enjoy a whole bunch of new experiences as someone in my family suggested and I concur.

Apple introduced a brand new MacBook that is thin, light, fanless and has a new kind port – USB Type C Port. And oh! for the first time they have a MacBook in Gold.  ArsTechnica’s Andrew Cunningham gives a breakdown of what it is like to use this brand new MacBook that he describes as one-port wonder.

Then there is the 13 inch MacBook Pro that got spiffed up with a Retina display and longer batter life. Y read details about MacBook Pro  here.

Apple announced the availability of ResearchKit, a powerful health-related app available on your iPhone. This open source software allows doctors and researchers to gather data from patients that use iPhone to record their health-related information. Users decide if they want to opt-in and participate in this study. You can read more about ResearchKit here.

And finally Apple announced that it is partnering with HBO.  For $14.99 a month Apple users can subscribe to HBO NOW and access HBO’s new and old content on their Apple devices. This new partnership is pretty revolutionary especially for cord cutters, who want to break away from the stifling clutches of cable TV operators.  Meg James of LA Times wonders if HBO NOW stand-alone service will shake the TV Industry.

In case you want to read more, here are some round-ups from the Apple event by  Wired9to5Mac, Venture Beat, The Verge and GeekWire.

And one more thing start saving those pennies and dollars –  you are going to need them to buy these new slimmer, lighter Apple devices with longer battery life.

Photo credit: Apple Inc.