Lumiere Brothers Showed Their First Motion Picture In Paris On This Day In 1895

Louis Lumiere and Auguste Lumiere, the French inventors showed their first motion picture in Paris on March 22, 1895. They made the film  using Cinematographe, which in turn was inspired by Thomas Edison’s invention Kinetascope.

Workers Leaving The Lumiere Factory,” is less than a minute long and to use that hackneyed phrase the rest is history. In 1896 Lumiere brothers sent Marius Sestier to Bombay, India. Sestier showed the motion picture at the Watson Hotel in Bombay, and that gave birth to Indian cinema. Bombay, now called Mumbai is the headquarters of Bollywood, which is what Hindi cinema is called today. And the dream merchants of India make hundreds of films every year.

And if you can follow French here is an interview with Louis Lumiere.