Elon Musk On Zip2, PayPal, Tesla, and Artificial Intelligence

That is Elon Musk in a 1999 documentary. He had just sold his first company Zip2.com for a little over $300 million, and was working on his second company called X.com which later on became PayPal when they acquired Confinity.  Did you notice the last sentence he said in that video? He’d be happy if he made it to the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Fast forward to 2015 and Musk has made it to the cover of many magazines, but am not sure if he made it to the Rolling Stone though.

Musk is a man on a mission, who is pushing the boundaries on space, sustainable energy and automobiles. He is the CEO and  Chief Product Officer at Tesla Motors,  CEO and CTO of SpaceX and chairman of Solar City.

Earlier this month Musk did an interview with  Neil DeGrasse Tyson about Future of Humanity. “He is making the (future),” and is the “real Tony Stark,” says Tyson. This is a useful and interesting interview since Musk talks about growing up in South Africa and his love for comic books and video games and how he went “OCD” learning to program when he was all of 9 or 10 years old. When Musk came to America he learnt to live on a dollar a day eating hot dogs and oranges. And why did he do that? It helped him realize that he could basically live on $30 a month to take care of his basic needs.  And if you have read other interviews about Musk you know that he did end up living that way and built his first company that he ended up selling successfully.

In the interview Musk talks about energy, transportation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and he talks about why he is worried about “Super Intelligence” and says we “should exercise caution.”

You can listen to the interview of Musk with De Grasse here. And here is another interview of Musk, where he answers questions, and this one is worth watching.