Anshuman Bapna

Anshuman Bapna

Meet Anshuman Bapna of Bapna and Prateek Sharma founded their startup in Bangalore in 2009. They raised a seed round and Series A and pivoted a couple of times. Here is how Bapna describes the pivots:

Arguably, travel planning is one of the top worst ideas entrepreneurs can think of. In our quest to crack that impossible nut, we changed (ahem, “pivoted”) our product 3x before finally getting it right.

Earlier this month MyGola was acquired for an undisclosed amount by MakeMyTrip, a publicly traded travel company in India. Bapna made the announcement on their website.

I’m incredibly excited to announce that Mygola has agreed to be acquired by MakeMyTrip (NASDAQ:MMYT). It’s been a remarkable journey that we set out on 5 years ago to truly solve travel planning.

Here is a fun video that Bapna and his team created to announce their acquisition by MakeMyTrip.

We recorded this interview with Bapna in 2013, where he talks about entrepreneurship, MyGola and the pivots they made. In fact when we interviewed him MyGola was in the process of making a pivot. MyGola is the second startup Bapna co-founded. He founded his first startup while he was a student at IIT, Bombay.

Bapna studied at Stanford University and worked at Deloitte and Google in the US and then decided to head back to Bangalore to co-found