Remembering David Goldberg

A private memorial service for David Goldberg was held in Stanford this morning. The event was attended by family and close friends. Sheryl Sandberg paid a moving tribute to her husband and partner. Here is how Adam Lashinsky from Fortune described Sandberg’s tribute to Goldberg:

In one moving tribute, she was simultaneously the poised, articulate public speaker the world knows her to be and also the bereft, tearful wife and mother the world would expect anyone to be. She both maintained and lost her composure as she recounted joyously, amusingly, and tearfully the 11-year marriage she and Goldberg shared.

President Obama wrote a moving tribute to Goldberg on Facebook.

David Goldberg embodied the definition of a real leader – someone who was always looking for ways to empower others. ..We’re heartbroken by him leaving us far too soon – but we celebrate a remarkable legacy

In a tragic turn of events Goldberg lost his life while vacationing in Mexico with his family. He passed away after he sustained head injuries while exercising on Friday, May 1, 2015.

Goldberg was a well-known entrepreneur and CEO of Survey Monkey.