Indian actor Dhanush’s Tanglish song “Why This Kolaveri Di,” went viral in November 2011. It has over  90 million views on YouTube. This Tanglish (Tamil and English) song became quite the rage and spawned all sorts of  remixed and new versions right from an R&B number to an Arabic version of the “Shorba Song.” There is a Japanses version of  the “The Soup Song,” which is an alternative name for the song. Interestingly the translation of the song is “Why This Rage Girl?”

Now, the track has gone viral once again, but this time in Turkey for a Coco-Cola advertisement. “Aç Bir Coca-Cola” is the Turkish version sung by  Özcan Deniz and SilaThis one is set in a beach party setting, and the original one by Dhanush is set in a recording studio. The song was uploaded on YouTube on May 4, 2015 and has already got over 3 million views.

This is an interesting turn of events because Turkish music is a source of inspiration for Bollywood music folks. Remember Turkish singer Tarkan’s Shikadum and the Bollywood version of Shikdum, Shikdum If you dig deeper into Google you will uncover gems like this Turkish version of Raj Kapoor’s song “Awaara Hoon” and there are videos of Bollywood and Turksih mixtape.

And here is the original version of “Why This Kolaveri Di,” by Dhansuh.