Robots are coming. You have probably heard about the coming of robots with increasing frequencey in the past few month and how they may steal our jobs and hearts.  You probably watched the new film “Ex Machina” an easily accessible film that takes you into the world of humans and sentient robots. Now, meet a robot that can heal itself in under 2 minutes. Recently, French roboticist Jean-Baptiste Mouret and his team unveiled their research on how these robots heal themselves in Nature. You can also read about it in Live Science.

Watch this utterly fascinating video that gives you a peek into how Mouret and his team worked on their healing robot project. Fascinating is not the right word. Lower jaw permanently unhinged is a better way to describe when you watch how this robot dynamically learns and adapts by intelligent trial and error process. This includes losing more than one leg and a motor and then learning how to adapt within minutes and in some cases within seconds.This kind of healing has lots of practical applications espeically in a disaster situation.