Meet Bombay Jayashri, an Oscar nominated singer from India. She composed and sang the opening lullaby  in Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi” which  was filmed partly in India.

Jayashri trained as a tradiational Carnatic or South Indian classical musician.What is unusual about Jayashri is that she sings traditional South Indian classical music, Indian film music and has colloborated with international musicians like Senegalese singer Thione Seck and others.

A couple of years ago we spoke with Jayashri about her love for music, growing up in Bombay and the music in her parents house. She was surrounded by music since her parents taught Carnatic music in Bombay, and they were her first teachers. She shares how she came to learn music from Lalgudi Jayaraman, who was her guru.

Jayaraman’s deep and broad appreciation of music from all over the world and not just Carnatic music appears to resonate with Jayashri’s own attitude towards music. For instance, he did not frown upon Indian film music, and in fact told Jayashri that if she ever got an opportunity to sing in films she should not decline it. Interestingly, Jayashri’s mother instilled a love for film music in her. And when they have extended family get togethers they sing  sing Bollywood film songs she points out. She has recorded songs for  Bombay Jayshri Hindi songand Tamil films.

Jayashri lives with her family in Chennai.



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